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UNL Organic Working Group

What types of organic crops are being grown in Nebraska?

There are many options open to Nebraska farmers who want to diversify their farming system and gain a higher price through organic production.

Organic acres in Nebraska reached 183,032 ac in 2008. Corn, barley, edible beans, millet, oats, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and other forages are grown and marketed organically. Other organic crops such as amaranth, popcorn, blue corn, and spelt are grown under contract for a premium, and a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, sprouts, mushrooms, flowers and herbs are also grown organically in Nebraska.

Livestock can also be certified organic. In Nebraska, beef, goat, lamb, pork, poultry are being produced organically. Pasture and cropland will need to be certified when producers plan on using their own forages to feed-out their livestock. Free-range and grass-fed organic production is gaining market with consumers interested in the health benefits derived from animals raised on grass.


Can Organic Crops Be Profitably Grown in Nebraska?

Yes, if you are a Nebraska farmer wanting to diversify your farming system and gain a higher price through the sales of organic crops. Farmers interested in organic production, markets and on-farm research should visit Cropwatch Organic.

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